Atheists Help Their Fellow Furry Friends

We were excited to go back to KC Pet Project and help clean and maintain the facilities. Between an upcoming surge of animals abandoned or lost during the hurricane, they needed help in getting their facilities ready for such an influx of furry friends, and we were glad to lend a hand!

Atheists Assemble Care Kits For Those in Need

Ever seen someone standing on a street corner and wishing you had something you could do to help them? We have at the Kansas City Atheist Coalition, so we got some helping hands together today to put together care kits filled with water and shelf-stable snacks. Participants then took these care kits to keep with them as they drive around and to be handed out to those who could use something to eat or munch on.

After School Satan: An RNS Appearance

The Religion News Service sent out a journalist to cover our recent hosting of the Satanic Temple and the work they’ve been doing, and the article has been published!

Introducing Greaves to about 80 people gathered for the event, atheist coalition president Joshua Hyde sought to put that issue to rest quickly, saying he first wanted to address “the elephant in the room.”

Since announcing the event, Hyde said, he had received several inquiries questioning the relationship between the two organizations.

“Our mission is to cultivate a positive secular community and to work with organizations toward a common goal,” he explained.

Although the groups have fundamental differences, he added, “they share a common goal: the nonpreferential treatment of citizens by our government regardless of what they do or do not believe.”

You can read more of it over at the RNS site.

Good News Clubs and After School Satan: KCAC Hosts Lucien Greaves

We were happy to have The Satanic Temple, represented chiefly by Temple co-founder Lucien Greaves, present this past weekend about the work they’ve done specifically targeting fundamentalist and extremist organizations such as the Good News Club in the effort of ensuring that no one religion is given equal access to public resources and that children can also be safe from the guilt-ridden “sin” messages of the Good News Club. We had over 90 people show up to hear him speak, after which we went down to Sabor y Sol to continue the discussions over guacamole and burritos.

Free Candy and Community at the 2016 Waldo Fall Festival

We, for the first time, tabled at the 2016 Waldo Fall Festival. We got a few head shakes, but the response was overwhelmingly positive – lots of free candy for kids, buttons and bottles of water for everyone, and free condoms for those who wanted them. We met some atheists new to the area, some who had been around for a while, and more than a few people who had never met an atheist before yesterday.

All in all – a great and productive day!

Shampoo, Lotion, and Conditioner: All in a Day’s Work

A big “thank you” goes out to our volunteers who showed up – both for KCAC and from Bishop Miege (two volleyball teams’ worth of volunteers!). KCAC volunteers helped pack away more than four pallets (stacked six boxes high) of donations in under an hour, and the Bishop Miege helped relocate hundreds of rolls of paper towel donations within the donation area!

Atheists Sort Clothing at Hope House

We got a few friendly faces together this past weekend, along with a few donations, and helped Hope House sort through their plethora of donations. Thanks to everyone who was able to come out – you’re making a difference!