[accordion title=”Why is this organization needed in Kansas City?”]As atheists, we are a minority in this area, and the greater portion of the population still sees us as the misanthropic caricature commonly portrayed in pop culture. We’re changing that. As we work for awareness and acceptance, we’re also fighting the perception that this is a Christian nation and all that entails.
[/accordion][accordion title=”Where do you hold meetings?”]We don’t yet have regularly set meetings other than an Open Board Meeting every other month. We have a goal of organizing one charitable or service orientated event a month and activism and community events when the opportunity presents itself. Check out our events page or follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep track of what we are doing when.
[/accordion][accordion title=”How can I support your organization?”]Become a member; it’s just $25 if you join at any of our events or $30 if you join online. Membership includes a snazzy KCAC T-shirt and button! Attend our events; check the site and RSVP on our Facebook page. Contact us at contact@kcatheists.org to be added to our mailing list and receive email notifications of our events. Donate; we constantly have works in the pipeline that could use funding.
[/accordion][accordion title=”Are there any projects that I could help with?”]We are looking for an Activism Director to lead our activism planning and organizing. Our Board of Directors also desires more input, diversity, and leadership capabilities. If you don’t have the time to be a full director, we also need the help of officers who might be willing to work with directors to help plan events. In addition to planning needs, we could use the help of experienced and insightful blog writers.

We are looking for experienced grant writers who would be willing to offer assistance. Anyone with an interest and ability in fundraising would be greatly valued.

If you’re a high school student in the Kansas City metropolitan area, consider starting a Secular Student Alliance chapter at your high school. If you’re a student at a Kansas City area university, consider starting an atheist student group within your educational institute as well. Contact us and we would be glad to help you with this.