We are Kansas City Atheist Coalition

As atheists, we find hope in our ability to share our human experiences with our community as we grow together. We organize one charitable or service-oriented event each month, as well as activism and community events at every opportunity. Becoming a member supports our mission by including you in a growing community doing good in the Kansas City area.

Our Causes

The Kansas City Atheist Coalition has a goal of organizing one philanthropic activity a month, such as raising money or other donations for a good cause, or volunteering with an organization we believe in. It is important to us to provide our members with opportunities to give time and resources to the people of our city who are in need.

Our criteria for donating to, or volunteering with, a vetted organization in good non-profit standing is that the contributions will not go toward promoting religion and that we will be able to participate as out atheists, wearing our sky-blue KCAC T-shirts.

While KCAC is committed to doing good purely for goodness’ sake, we wear our shirts because we think it is equally important to show the larger community that atheists possess morality without mythology, dispelling the common misconception that atheism is an empty, meaningless existence devoid of a sense of morality.

The Kansas City Atheist Coalition attempts to build and support community in several ways. First, we reach out to our community at large through multiple philanthropic and activism causes we support in Kansas City. Second, we reach inward to build a community for existing nonbelievers through several fun, social events we host and participate in with the express purpose of providing a safe and welcoming space where people can feel comfortable expressing their lack of belief among friends.

Participation in KCAC’s public events for philanthropy and community are not limited to paid members in order to provide a welcoming atmosphere for nonbelievers to meet, discuss our commonality, strengthen our friendships, and support each other, as we work for good within our city.

Our activism serves many purposes. We bring people in our community together for polite, respectful discussion. We work to remove the stigma from the word “atheist” simply by being open, “out” atheists. Our members dispel common misconceptions about what atheists do and do not believe by making themselves available to the public to answer questions about atheism. Our leadership increases awareness among religious believers that atheists are present in the Kansas City community. The organization, as a whole, increases awareness throughout Greater Kansas City that our organization exists, and that we provide a community to nonbelievers.

Kansas City Atheist Coalition proudly shows public, visible, and vocal support for organizations and causes that base their worldview and efforts in science, reason, equality, bodily autonomy, women’s rights, support for the LGBTQIA+ community, and religious pluralism. We speak emphatically against efforts that threaten the constitutional rights of citizens to exercise their freedom of religion, and lack thereof.

Kansas City Atheist Coalition is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Donations to Kansas City Atheist Coalition are tax-deductible. Protecting the privacy of our members, with specific regard to their identification as atheists, is of the utmost importance to us. Our board meetings are open to dues-paying members in order to exercise transparency in our financial and strategic planning, and encourage participation and sharing of ideas.

Membership is on a yearly basis, requiring a renewal each year to continue. You can start your membership with us here, and we look forward to having you join us!