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Things KCAC Needs

The Kansas City Atheist Coalition is always looking for members excited about the atheist community in Kansas City to serve as officers and directors in our great organization. If you have social media, news media, organizational, fundraising, or any other skillset that may be used to benefit our burgeoning community, please contact us.


The Kansas City Atheist Coalition hosts a number of events, ranging from social to activism to philanthropy. We occasionally have events limited to dues-paying members only, but our events are overwhelmingly open to the public; we don’t want a cost to prohibit fellow freethinkers from joining in on the fun. You can see more on our events page.


We are grateful for our dues-paying members, but those contributions aren’t always enough for us to be able to organize the type of events we would like. To do so, we rely on┬áthe gracious donations of our community members to help sustain our organization and to bring awareness of our community to not only other freethinkers in the area but across the nation!

If you’d like to schedule a one-time donation, click the button below:


Local Groups

The Kansas City Atheist Coalition tries to meet many of the needs of the community, but it is not the only organization in the Kansas City area that promotes freethought, skepticism, and a community for non-believers.

Kansas City Oasis

Wanting to provide an environment where freethinking parents can gather with other freethinkers without the need of a babysitter, this organization schedule a variety of events, including a weekly gatherings on Sunday mornings featuring musicians and other performance artists, members of the community speaking about their experiences, and speakers on a wide range of topics.

Camp Quest Kansas City

There are numerous religious options for a parent wanting to immerse their children in a social environment, but what about a science-driven, skeptical, and educational environment? Camp Quest is a national organization seeking to fill this need by providing a summer camp that is neither theist nor atheistic – opting instead to avoid the question of religion altogether, they provide a secular camp for children to engage with other children in mentally stimulating and social activities.