Debate: Is Belief in Christianity Reasonable?

Our director of activism, Joshua Stewart, was invited down to Springfield, along with JT Eberhard, to debate the question of whether or not belief in Christianity is reasonable. The Springfield Freethinkers have a video of the debate available on YouTube for your viewing pleasure:

2 Replies to “Debate: Is Belief in Christianity Reasonable?”

  1. Hi all my fellow Atheists. Being disabled I have been unable to attend any events or meetings. Thank you for keeping me informed. I was raised by Southern Baptist Evangelicals. By age 6 yrs. old, I couldn’t believe what I heard at Church. I never prayed or read the Bible. Dad made us sit at home while he read Bible verses that I mentally blocked out. I had to listen to their lies on Sunday Morning/ Sunday Night/ and Wednesday night. I never knew Atheism was a real thing. I just knew my family made no since to me.
    Years later I came across Richard Dawkins in You Tube and found out I was correct in believing in Reason and Science. What an exciting moment to find out their were many other good speakers who were Atheists.

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