The American Family Association, known for its active promotion of religious and anti-LGBT governmental and social values, has produced a map of organizations in the United States “that openly display bigotry toward the Christian faith” – including KCAC:


As Hemant writes on the Friendly Atheist:

The American Family Association has long argued that the list is unfair to certain Christian groups, so they’ve now created their own version of a hate group list.

The AFA Bigotry Map identifies “groups and organizations that openly display bigotry toward the Christian faith.”

Who’s on the list?

Basically every atheist and pro-LGBT-rights group out there, including local and college groups.

That’s not a joke: They’ve listed a number of groups whose members’ worst crime is disagreeing with Christianity and creating a safe space for atheists to discuss their doubts.

We can only speculate which of our positions that we, as an organization, promote landed us on this map, but we’d like to at least raise an objection to the idea that we’re anti-Christian. We’re content to disagree on the existence of a god and the divinity of Jesus and leave it at that, instead choosing to work with people of all stripes and faiths to promote common values and causes: LGBT equality, elimination of racial inequality, wealth inequality, and even freedom of religious practice. That’s not anti-Christian, and there are some who say it even makes us more Christian than the AFA.

As the saying goes: “haters gonna hate