Supporting Slutwalk

Sept. 17, 2011 KCAC, along with KC Metro NOW, MOCSA, GaDuGi,Missfits, Hollaback Lawrence, and EQUAL, allied with SlutWalk KCto stand against the pervasive and harmful practice of victim blaming and slut shaming in our society.

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Men and women donned fishnets, corsets, and clear heels waving and cheering as cars drove past the JC Nichols Fountain on the Country Club Plaza. Many passers-by honked their horns and waved back in support of the gathering. Some participants painted messages such as “No Means NO!” on their faces, chests, and abdomens. Several carried witty signs and wore clever t-shirts with statements such as “Consent is Sexy” and “You say Slut like it’s a Bad Thing!”

“Whatever we Wear, Where ever we Go, Yes means YES and No means NO!” was chanted as we marched to Southmoreland park where DJ Sheer Madness was blasting club beats. An impromptu dance party broke out. Adam Brown, KCAC’s marketing and PR director, did a fantastic job displaying our “Positively Godless” and “Morals without Mythology” banners. We were pleasantly surprised at how warmly KCAC was received by the SlutWalk participants. We were enthusiastically approached by several men and women wanting to to learn more about our organization and get involved in our activities. We gained lots of new members and many more signed up for our newsletter and/or took our informational postcards.

Two local burlesque artists kicked the speaking portion of the event off right with a gorgeous performance. We heard moving speeches from representatives of MOCSA, EQUAL, GaDuGi, and local survivors of sexual assault. Sarah Hargreaves, the president of KCAC, also gave a speech titled Rape and Religion which focused on five religiously-rooted victim blaming, slut shaming, and generally unsupportive attitudes prevalent in our culture.

The event closed with a candlelight vigil in honor and remembrance of all the lives lost to sexual violence.

Huge thanks to the SlutWalk KC Team for putting on a meaningful and inspiring event and allowing KCAC to be apart of it!