Speaking Appearance: Nerd Nite KC #31

Our president will be making an appearance at this month’s Nerd Nite to speak about the topic of religious freedom in schools:

Then Josh Hyde is going to teach us about religion in public schools. Public schools have always been a cultural battleground, and Josh comes toting a well-researched presentation that will reveal some of the lingering influences of religion in our schools. While this presentation centers on legal and political aspects of this issue, we’re optimistic he’ll also offer us some concrete steps our schools can take to bolster our national War on Christmas effort. Either way, we’re super excited to welcome Josh to the NNKC mic.

If you’re interested in attending, RSVP and find out more at the Facebook event here:


2 Replies to “Speaking Appearance: Nerd Nite KC #31”

  1. Hi fellow Atheists,
    Being raised by Southern Baptists Evangelicals, I was aware at age 6 that I didn’t believe anything that was said in Church or at home about the Trinity.
    I only pretended to pray and just stood when it was time to sing in Church.
    I didn’t know there was a name or my lack for belief.
    I embrace Atheism. I’ve watched and re-watched Richard Dawkins on You-Tube.
    I miss having people I can share with.
    I’d prefer a Women’s group, but would appreciate any Atheist group.
    Lynn Souther PS–I live 10 blocks West of the Country Club Plaza. One block East of State Line.

  2. Dear Lynn, I appreciate you sharing your experience. I fyou have not heard of the Jesus Seminar I would recommend you google them and it may fit some of your needs. They are a group of scholars dedicated to providing education and questions on religion and especially Jesus life for the public. Good luck, David

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