Skepticon IV

Another year, another fantastic Skepticon! Notable highlights included David Silverman’s opening, “Skepticism, Atheism and Our Common Movement” and Greta Christina’s talk, “Why Are Atheists So Angry?”

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David Fitzgerald’s talk, “The Complete Heretic's Guide to Western Religion: The Mormons,” and Hemant Mehta’s “The Need for More Critical Thinking in Math Education” generated a lot of enthusiasm.

KCAC was extremely proud to have our very own Darrel Ray present on his favorite subject, “Sex & Secularism: What Happens When You Leave Religion.”

JT Eberhard ended the weekend with a very personal and powerful address, “Why Atheists Should Care About Mental Illness.” Go toHambone Productions to view all the outstanding talks from Skepticon IV.

Of course, when the talks are over, the fun is just beginning at Skepticon! The party scene at Skepticon IV outdid itself in weight and measure. Farmers Gastropub brought in a record, earning $8,000 on Saturday night and $15,000 for the overall weekend!
No skeptics conference is complete without a little controversy, and Skepticon IV was no exception. After catching a portion of Atheist Evangelist Brother Sam Singleton’s “Atheist Revival!” a local gelato shop owner took offense and posted an ill-considered sign on his storefront.

A few quick pictures and a post on Reddit later, and we have the now-infamous “Gelatogate.” The local shop owner apologized profusely for his impulsive and hostile reaction. The organizers of Skepticon and the atheist community at large accepted what seemed to be a sincere apology.

Happily, KCAC received some positive press while at Skepticon. President Sarah Hargreaves and Secretary Sarah Nessel were quoted in a local publication.

Adam Brown, KCAC’s PR and marketing director, was bestbbwdatingsite interviewed for KSPR-TV 33.

Skepticon IV was a smashing success, with great talks and great times! Thank you to Katie Hartman and all the Skepticon IV organizers for an exceptional weekend!