Silent Vigil Protest

March 9, 2012 the Kansas City Atheist Coalition stood with the Word For The Soul Ministries in a silent vigil calling for the end of religion-based homophobia in the black church.

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KCAC gathered outside the Canaan Worship Center, a Kansas City church, as they hosted the Rev. R.A. Vernon, founder and senior pastor of “THE WORD” Church in Cleveland, Ohio.

Go HERE to view a sermon by Vernon titled, “It’s Just Not Natural (Homosexuality & Lesbianism).” If you don’t want to watch the full 30 minutes, watch from 24:27 to the end to get the gist of his argument, which is that homosexuality is the product of sin in a person’s life. He goes on to say that male and female anatomy validates the view that gay sex is unnatural (complete with plug-and-socket demonstration).

Minister Gerald Palmer with Word for the Soul Ministries organized this vigil and welcomed KCAC’s participation. Min Gerald Palmer, MSW, has called for the church to be the voice of equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people and states that the “same elements of the church that sheltered the weary from the effects of racial prejudice and discrimination are there to shelter and comfort those facing prejudice and discrimination because of their sexual orientation.”