Secular Invocation: Working Together, Despite Our Differences

I asked, and was accepted, to give an invocation at my city’s city council meeting. With the generous help of one of our community members, we managed to capture it on video:

If you can’t watch it, the text of the invocation was:

Pleasant Valley, both as itself and as a satellite community of the greater Kansas City area, participates in a community bursting and burgeoning with diversity. With diversity inevitably comes disagreement – liberal and conservative, theist and atheist, capitalist and socialist.

These are just some of the volatile and passionate topics that influence the policy produced by our government on every level. Tonight, we come together in spite of such differences to work together to build a community that serves us all in the best way possible.

Let us keep in mind tonight, then, not the passion of these differences but our shared passion that bring this council together to serve us all in keeping Pleasant Valley pleasant.

Thank you.

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