Pastafarian Evangelism

Pastafarian evangelism went off without a hitch. About eight  members attended, outfitted with colanders and pirate regalia, ready to spread the good news of the FSM with fervor.

We handed out FSM literature to passersby and shared the truth about how he boiled for our sins.

Senta Hershberger and Andy Beals brought ramen noodles and we handed that out as well. Admonishing them to “go and be filled!”

The atmosphere was low-key but  jovial. We were mostly well-received with thumbs up and high fives. We at least got everyone we spoke with to crack a smile.

Near the end, there were a few concerned Christians who stopped to talk with us. We had some good back and forth discussion about the tactics of street evangelism and morality in the bible.

Unfortunately, no street preachers were in Westport that night. We can only assume it was because they were afraid of being touched by his noodly appendage.


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