Open Meeting Agenda: October 2013


Member Input

  • Evan Helmuth: fundraiser to bring a Syrian freethinker to UCM
  • Helen Stringer: “Sunday Assembly” proposal
  • Other attendees’ input

Old Business

  • Treasurer’s Report—Daniel
  • Site Changes—Veronica
  • Membership—All
  • Online Store Ideas—Veronica
  • Harassment Policy—Emily


 “Past Event” Write-Ups Due
 Past Events
  • Ask an Atheist @ Plaza Art Fair
  • Giving at the Green Room

New Business

October Events
  • Hug an Atheist
  • Spofford Home
  • Officer Elections
  • Pastafarian Evangelism
November Events
  • Movie Theater Ad
  • Skepticon: Speaker schedule:
  • Turkey Day with KCRM
  • Thanksgiving Dinner
December Events
  • Philanthropy Event?
  • Onething Conference
January Events
  • Philanthropy Event?

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