Open Meeting Agenda: August 2013


Member Input

  • Jamie Kelsey – Charity Kickball Tournament
  • Open Floor For General Member’s Input


Old Business

  • Read Last Meeting Minutes – Dave
  • Treasurer’s Report – Daniel
  • American Atheists affiliation – Josh
  • Screen Tee Online Store – Veronica
Past Events
  • Atheists in the Park
  • Heart to Heart International
  • Members-Only Movie Night


New Business

August Events
  • Fun with Animals: Ask members to bring rolls of paper towels to donate?
  • Ask an Atheist @ City Market: Where do we stand on professional-looking signs?
September Events
  • Darrel’s Labor Day Party: Monday, September 2, 2013
  • Philanthropy: KC Zoo? KC Library?
  • Atheists vs. Christians Softball Game – Jozef: Do we want to promote the soft ball event in the media?
October Events
  • Officer Elections Event: Availability of Jewish Community Center, Alternate locations if needed?
  • Philanthropy: Spofford Home
November Events
  • Skepticon
  • Philanthropy: Thanksgiving Turkey Day
  • Thanksgiving Day Event
  • Movie Theater Ad with Screenland Armour
December Events
  • Philanthropy: ?
  • Holiday Party
  • Secular Santas



  • Discuss about getting an official KCAC iPad or Tablet that is owned by the KCAC.
  • Guest bloggers – Sandra Meade? Will there be an option to allow a comments section on the blog? Do we really want this?
  • Discussion about ways to handle membership. Yearly signup, lifetime sub, signing up online.
  • Partner with Camp Quest Kansas City for Light the Night FBB walk
  • Discuss possible activism events such as demonstrating against the WBC with a positive message? They are frequently in the KC area protesting shows.

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