Meet Helen Stringer

We’re pleased to announce the newest addition to our board of directors, Helen Stringer:

Helen came to realize she no longer held the beliefs she was trained to spread. Instead of sticking her head in the sand, she is taking her training and passion for community to the bright side. A foster parent, adoptive parent, ex-center director for a Crisis Pregnancy Center, and all-around good godless girl; Helen wants to bring together the secular families who don’t fit in the church.

She has a passion for community that is going to bring about what we think is a great and previously-unexplored aspect of the community that KCAC has been developing for more than two years now. Join us in welcoming her aboard!

2 Replies to “Meet Helen Stringer”

  1. I think part of Helen’s duties as a new board member should include opening each board meeting with a prayer for good fortune from the FSM

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