Mary Ibrahim: Freethinker Syrian Refugee in Need of Your Help

The Kansas City Atheist Coalition has been asked to help promote the fundraiser to help Mary Ibrahim, a refugee from the violence in Syria, to raise enough funds to attend classes here in Missouri at UCM. Her story:

Mary Ibrahim is a 21-year-old Syrian from Homs, which was Syria’s third largest city and considered by many the capital of the peaceful protest movement, before it was devastated and largely depopulated by the ongoing civil war. Mary studied hospitality management at Al Baath University in Homs until October, when it became too dangerous to attend classes and she fled to Turkey. She has had an uncle and several close friends killed in the war and her family, which was upper middle class before the war has lost almost everything. Her father, an architect before the war, now repairs cars so that her family can continue to eat.

Mary only has enough money to stay in Turkey for about two months. After that, she will be forced to return to her home town of Homs and the constant shelling, shooting and kidnappings engulfing it. As an atheist and someone who comes from a Christian family, Mary has to worry on the one hand, about the regime’s brutal security apparatus and its indiscriminate shelling and checkpoints manned by trigger-happy security forces. On the other hand, she also faces a very real threat from Al-Qaeda-linked jihadis who make up part of the opposition in Homs and have a nasty habit of attacking, kidnapping and assassinating both secularists and Christians.

Mary desperately wants to study in the United States. Toward that end, she applied for and was awarded a scholarship at the University of Central Missouri to finish her studies. The scholarship though, only covers half of tuition, which means Mary still needs to come up with $17,000 (the remaining cost of tuition and housing for her final year of studies) in order to get a student visa to the United States.

This is where you come in. Your donations to Mary’s Go Fund Me page will allow her to escape the war entirely and finish her degree in the safety of the United States. None of us can fix the catastrophe that is consuming Syria, but we can make an enormous positive difference in the life of one Syrian. We invite you to join us in responding the massive injustice and cruelty engulfing Syria with a small bit of justice and generosity.

As mentioned in the post above, you can donate to her via her Go Fund Me page here:

If you have  a few dollars (or more) to spare, she would greatly appreciate it!

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