Looking for Skepticon 6 Tabling Volunteers!

Hey, there, fellow Kansas City atheists! We’ll be proudly supporting Skepticon this year with a table and letting people know about all the cool things we’re up to here in Kansas City – a bit of a bright spot of non-belief in a region otherwise awash in some very staunch religiosity. We need some help, though, in staffing our table, and we’d like to ask you all to volunteer. Your responsibilities will include:

  • Telling people about how awesome it is to be an atheist in Kansas City
  • Urging people to eat the free candy we’ll have out on our table
  • Stopping any KCAC directors or officers from eating the free candy we’ll have out on our table
  • Answering questions about the kind of activities and community we have in Kansas City

We’re dividing the our schedule into blocks similar to how Saturday and Sunday are divided up up until dinner time (we won’t ask anyone to stay through or after dinner each day) on the Skepticon schedule (we’ll also be looking for volunteers on Friday evening from 6 to 8 PM and 8 PM to 11 PM, if you’re feeling adventurous). If you’re up for spending one of these blocks at our table or even only able to volunteer for part of a block, that’d be greatly appreciated.

If you’re interested in tabling with us, go ahead and drop us an e-mail at contact@kcatheists.org.

4 Replies to “Looking for Skepticon 6 Tabling Volunteers!”

  1. I would be interested in this, either Saturday or early Sunday. I work in Kansas City but my home is in Ash Grove, 20 miles west of Springfield. So it would be an easy event for me. And I have attended several meetings of the Springfield group, so I know many of the locals.

    1. Alas, this event has already come and gone! Skepticon 7 was actually just announced:


      We’ll probably need some help tabling this year, too, though, so maybe we can avail ourselves of your services come November. 🙂

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