KC Oasis Makes the KC Star Magazine Front Page

Kansas City Oasis has been featured on the front page of the Kansas City Star Magazine’s Sunday edition:


This assembly is called Kansas City Oasis. Members gather weekly in a way that appears churchlike, but there’s no prayer, no reference to a higher power. Most are atheists or agnostics, although people of faith aren’t excluded.

“We get to celebrate the human experience every week, so welcome,” says Helen Stringer, the group’s executive director, as the room grows quiet.

Some drawn to this Sunday gathering grew up without a religious tradition. Some felt driven from church by harsh dogma and treatment. Some were raised with religion but lost their faith, they say, to reason and science.

You can read more in the online posting of the article here:


2 Replies to “KC Oasis Makes the KC Star Magazine Front Page”

  1. Oh look! The atheists are in the newspaper! And everybody is talking about how accepting they are!
    Of course they are. As long as they don’t have actual political control of our lives.

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