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  1. I was so excited to discover the KC Atheist Community. I wonder if any of you attended Dr. Hawkins’ appearance at Unity Church on the Plaza.
    It was very disappointed. He was so worn out by his American tour his hand was shaking. He and a woman took turns reading from notes.
    The ones who received what I wanted paid $225 for a question and answer period——wine and cheese. I quit drinking in 1982, so I didn’t miss the wine. I’m Vegan, so I didn’t miss the cheese. What I missed was hearing Dawkins talk about Atheism. To get in to the Hall required buying his book,
    BRIEF CANDLE IN THE DARK. I haven’t read his Book yet.
    I’ve studied Dr. Judy Wood since 2003. I stumbled upon her free website that the Gatekeepers have corrupted to the point of it being useless.
    I bought her Book, WHERE DID THE TOWERS GO? All her advanced degrees made her the perfect Professor to SEE the EVIDENCE of 9/11,
    by ignoring the confused TV commentators. If you’re interested, You-Tube: Where Did The Towers Go? Only listen if it’s Judy Wood talking.
    Many Gatekeepers try to dispel her concrete evidence.
    I’m a 67 yr. old, Disabled woman since 2003. That’s when I had the time to start researching. I was raised by very extreme Southern Baptist Evangelicals in Texas. My uncle started with Billy Graham in Dallas. I knew at 6 years old that the Trinity made no sense. I never believed in anything religious. I just kept my mouth shut and went to Sunday morning/evening and Wednesday night because I was to young and grew up in TERROR.
    of the beatings by my Mother. Dad stayed gone saying he had to keep conducting revivals. I knew he stayed gone because he couldn’t handle Mother’s mood swings. The worst was when she held me down with a butcher knife and said she’d kill me if I didn’t tell her who put the knick in the Dining room table. My brother had, but he was the only protection I had in my crazy house.
    I’ve wanted to come to an event,but I haven’t driven more than 2-4 miles from my house by Westwood Park since 2003. I’m in survival mode with money, so I can’t join. The 2 Books I mentioned are all I’ve bought for myself since 2003. I haven’t bought any clothes since the 1990’s.
    I didn’t mean to go on and on. Despite all the Meds. my Neurologist has me on, I can’t go to bed until 5:00 AM. Store trips have to be in the afternoon. Joshua tried to suggest events I could attend, but my Disabilities always get in the way. I really appreciated his efforts.
    Please know that you’re all in my thoughts. Maybe someday I’ll find a time and place that works for me. Until then, love to you all. Lynn Souther

    1. Hi, Lynn! Thanks for your comment. 🙂

      If you’d like to meet some like-minded individuals, Kansas City Oasis meets every Sunday at the Tony Aguirre Community Center, which Google says is just 3.9 miles from Westwood Park – exactly within driving distance! If you’d like, you can find out more at http://kcoasis.org (and best of all – it’s free! No money required to attend!).

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