FOX 4 KC Covers KCRM Story

The local Fox affiliate has aired their coverage (including a video interview with our president) of KCRM turning us away from their volunteer program:

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Kansas City Rescue Mission (KCRM) usually asks for all the help it can get to run its programs, but this Thanksgiving, the homeless shelter is turning down a certain group of volunteers based on their religious affiliation.

For the past two years, the Kansas City Atheists Coalition (KCAC) has volunteered with the KCRM, an outwardly Christian organization, to deliver meals on Thanksgiving. So Joshua Hyde, the coalition’s president, was surprised to learn their help wasn’t needed this year.

“They sent us an e-mail indicating they would be adding religious literature to the meal they’re delivering and that we would not be, according to them, a good fit for the program,” said Hyde.

You can view the video and the entire article on their site.

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