Each year, KCAC joins the Micah Ministry for serving meals before Thanksgiving – a practice of both giving back and remembering a time when the Micah Ministry extended its warm invitation to KCAC to join them in helping the underprivileged in Kansas City.

The Micah Ministry is a charitable organization that seeks to help anyone, regardless of race, gender, religious (or non-religious) affiliation, sex, sexual orientation, or any other trait – as long as they could use some help, the Micah Ministry is there to help them.

The Micah Ministry operates in a way that’s a bit different from traditional support organizations. They feed those who seek their services with a restaurant-style waiting operation: volunteers take drink and food orders and deliver the food to them, providing seconds if needed and continuing to refill their drinks as needed.

In addition to food, if there are enough volunteers, they operate a clothing and household items (toiletries, candles, blankets, and other items) store. Volunteers ask each person for their order, go back into the store room, and retrieve the requested items as long as they are in stock.

The Micah Ministry is a religious organization, which means that the event is started by an optional group prayer at the beginning. In our past volunteer experiences with them, we have never been pressured to pray with them and they have always been glad to have us participate in their group.

Pictures are permitted to be taken prior to the admission of those in need, but, once people are being admitted into the dining area, no pictures are allowed.

Children ages 12 and above are welcome to volunteer.

Join us afterward at a place we’ll select the night of for dinner!