On October 27th, Lee Strobel (author of the case for Christ) is coming to Kansas City and we’re going to give him a big ol KCAC welcome. And we need your help! Come join the Kansas City Atheist Coalition for an “Ask an Atheist” event on a public sidewalk at an entrance to the Church.

Inside, Lee Strobel will be hosting an apologetics conference which is where Christians will be learning how to talk to and convert atheists and other non-Christians. While we on the outside, in our stylish sky blue KCAC T-shirts and signs, we will be making ourselves available to answer questions from the attendees of the conference conference about being an atheist. We will meet in the parking lot of 10101 NE Cookingham Dr, Kansas City, MO 64157 Just a short walking distance from the church.

We wish to stress that the ultimate purpose of this event is not to convince others that we are right, but to explain our reasons and justifications for our positions. If you find yourself being drawn into a heated debate with someone, try politely excusing yourself from that direction; for example, try saying, “That’s a really great question, but I’m afraid that I’m not here today to convince anyone of why I’m right or they’re wrong. I’m just here to help clear up misconceptions about atheists.”

We also ask that we remain as unobtrusive as possible; politely excuse yourself if you find yourself in the way of pedestrian traffic. Don’t approach others, but simply smile, wave, and wish others a good morning or afternoon. Let those who want to ask a question approach you and ask their questions; if they don’t have one right there, invite them to come back later when they’ve thought of one.

At the end of it all, just remember that we’re there to help people learn about what it really means to be an atheist and how the picture their favorite pundit, pastor, or media mogul has painted of us isn’t entirely accurate.

Finally, a few rules:

1) This is not open to all. We will be selecting people who we believe can represent our organization and values in a positive way. So, please don’t invite anyone without checking with one of the board members first.

2) Don’t park at the church. We are not there as guests. Lets use public parking nearby and walk to the entrance together.

3) Do not go into the church unless invited in by church staff. Again, we are not guests.

4) Arguments may happen, but try and keep your cool as best you can. If you can’t handle what is being said, feel free to excuse yourself. Taking care of yourself is not admitting defeat.