Join the Kansas City Atheist Coalition in ringing in the winter season with a holiday gift exchange – white elephant style! Kids of all ages are welcome!

Got some old clothes around you don’t want, or perhaps a particularly embarrassingly bad book you saw on discount at Half Price Books? As long it’s $10 or less, bring it along for a groan-inducing exchange of gifts over tasty drinks and food at McCoy’s Public House!

We will also be using this event to collect gifts for the family we will be adopting this year. If you wish to claim an item, please message us either through Facebook or our e-mail address We will remove items as we are notified of their being claimed.

You are not required to wrap gifts, but open wrapping (e.g., gift bags) are preferred because it allows the care providers of the children to inspect the gifts and know ahead of time what their children are receiving.

In addition to the two children listed here, you can also bring gifts to donate for the whole family. The family asks for the following:

Board Games (Trouble, Connect four, Bingo, Candy Land, etc)

Cheddar’s restaurant gift card.

The three kids KCAC has adopted this year are:

Child: Mariah

Age: 7

Gender: female

Pant size:8

Shirt size:8

Underwear size:8

Shoe size:2

Likes Curious George

Race car game for PlayStation 4

Wrestling game for PlayStation 4

Samsung tablet

D’s game

Basketball watch

Hover board

Skate board


Child: Leland

Age: 3

Gender: male

Pant size: 3t

Shirt Size: 3t

Underwear: small boy

Shoe size: 11 boy

Likes Ninja turtles

Paw Patrol toy

Paw Patrol movies

Learning Computer



Dinosaurs sword


Child: Landan

Age: 6

Gender: male

Pant size: 5t

Shirt size: 5t

Underwear size: small boy

Shoe size: 1 boy

Likes Ninja turtles and race cars

Basket ball light up watch


Electric bike

Remote airplane

Skate board

Hover board

DS game