Darrel Ray’s Annual Memorial Day Weekend Cookout

Darrel Ray, author of Sex and God and The God Virus, hosted a potluck picnic at his beautiful home. This, although not an event organized by the Kansas City Atheist Coalition, is nonetheless an event we all look forward to each year. It gives us a chance to meet not only new members of the community but also friends and new friends from far out of state.

Freethinkers gathered around a campfire and grill, chowing down on their favorite meats (and veggie dogs) with sides of chips, cookies, salads, and beverages. In tandem to this was a very successful fundraiser for the local Camp Quest Kansas City organization by a fundraiser featuring  for-sale kisses by Sarah Hargreaves and Jozef Hanratty.

The festivities went late into the night, featuring fire dancing and philosophical exchanges and ending in overnight camping in tents. Everyone left happy and eagerly looking forward to the next get-together hosted by the ever-gracious Dr. Darrel Ray.

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