Summer Care Kits Assembled!

We, and some Christian friends of the community, got together to assemble some care kits full of sunscreen, water, and nutritious and delicious treats to help those in need around the city!

You can see the full album on Facebook here.

New Director and Secretary

Say “hello” to Jordan McKinney, our new secretary, and Sally Mendon, our new co-directory of philanthropy! Jordan and Sally have both been long-known to the board and frequently supportive of the Kansas City Atheist Coalition, be it from pitching in to help organize events or contributing from their own extensive backgrounds and experiences. We’re thrilled to have them in the organization!

Atheists Help Their Fellow Furry Friends

We were excited to go back to KC Pet Project and help clean and maintain the facilities. Between an upcoming surge of animals abandoned or lost during the hurricane, they needed help in getting their facilities ready for such an influx of furry friends, and we were glad to lend a hand!

Atheists Assemble Care Kits For Those in Need

Ever seen someone standing on a street corner and wishing you had something you could do to help them? We have at the Kansas City Atheist Coalition, so we got some helping hands together today to put together care kits filled with water and shelf-stable snacks. Participants then took these care kits to keep with them as they drive around and to be handed out to those who could use something to eat or munch on.