Members-Only Movie Night

Members of the Kansas City Atheist Coalition settled in for a quiet, relaxed evening with friends in our community for drinks, snacks, and entertaining movies.

Carla Burris, the American Atheists representative for the state of Missouri, came up to meet attendees and speak a little bit about American Atheists and what they’re trying to do, both locally and nationally.

We all had a lot of fun in a warm, friendly, and relaxed evening as we rang in KCAC’s second year as we looked toward yet another year of fun, philanthropy, and activism in the Kansas City area.

Fun With Animals

The Kansas City Atheist Coalition volunteered at the Humane Society of Kansas City.  More than 20 atheists showed up to care, play, and socialize with dogs and cats awaiting good people for adoption.

We brought in various supplies, such as towelettes, as a donation to the Humane Society.  We cleaned pet cages, sanitized stations, brushed and cleaned the dogs.  Finally, KCAC President Josh Hyde even offered to do the laborious task of consolidating and organizing adoption files.

We look forward to working with the Humane Soceity again soon!  After all, who could avoid such a cute purring or barking furry face?

Atheists In The Park

Community is incredibly important to us.  So, the KCAC tries to cultivate and do a lot of fun community events to help us thrive.  It not only helps us get to know each other better and meet new people, but allows us to simply relax and a good time.

Atheists from all over the Greater Kansas City community came to Loose Park to have a cook out on a fine summer afternoon.  We not only met new atheists (as well as new friends), we practiced our volleyball skills for an upcoming charity game(or something that could resemble “volleyball”), enjoyed fun conversation, and had an overall blast!  And finally, what is a bit of community without charity?  Atheists from all over also helped raise supplies for Camp Quest KC summer camp.

This seems like a tradition that we will continue again next year.

Darrel Ray’s Annual Memorial Day Weekend Cookout

Darrel Ray, author of Sex and God and The God Virus, hosted a potluck picnic at his beautiful home. This, although not an event organized by the Kansas City Atheist Coalition, is nonetheless an event we all look forward to each year. It gives us a chance to meet not only new members of the community but also friends and new friends from far out of state.

Freethinkers gathered around a campfire and grill, chowing down on their favorite meats (and veggie dogs) with sides of chips, cookies, salads, and beverages. In tandem to this was a very successful fundraiser for the local Camp Quest Kansas City organization by a fundraiser featuring  for-sale kisses by Sarah Hargreaves and Jozef Hanratty.

The festivities went late into the night, featuring fire dancing and philosophical exchanges and ending in overnight camping in tents. Everyone left happy and eagerly looking forward to the next get-together hosted by the ever-gracious Dr. Darrel Ray.

Ask a Kansas City Atheist

The Kansas City Atheist Coalition positioned itself near the J.C. Nichols fountain, making itself available to fellow pedestrians to answer questions the general public may have about atheists – what we do as a community, why we don’t believe, and how we can be “good without a god”. We broke down barriers between non-believers and the community at large, offering not only answers to questions some might have about atheists, but also offering hugs to show the lighter, warmer side of the atheist community.

Check out the full album on our Facebook page!


Helping Operation Breakthrough

May 17, 2012 KCAC helped Operation Breakthrough get ready for a classroom remodel. Operation Breakthrough is a Kansas City-based, nationally accredited nonprofit corporation that began in 1971 as a response to requests from parents in the central city for quality child care for children of the working poor. KCAC helped Operation Breakthrough move desks, chairs, rugs, cabinets and educational supplies out of several classrooms in preparation for a much-needed remodel.