New Director: Denise Decker

We’re happy to announce the on-boarding of our newest member of the board of directors, Denise Decker!

Denise has a long history of involvement in the local Kansas City atheists and philanthropic community, dedicating many hours to helping those in need. We’re excited to welcome her on board and grateful for the addition of her extensive experience in organizing philanthropic opportunities through the Kansas City Atheist Coalition.

You can read a bit more about her biography here.

Speaking Appearance: Nerd Nite KC #31

Our president will be making an appearance at this month’s Nerd Nite to speak about the topic of religious freedom in schools:

Then Josh Hyde is going to teach us about religion in public schools. Public schools have always been a cultural battleground, and Josh comes toting a well-researched presentation that will reveal some of the lingering influences of religion in our schools. While this presentation centers on legal and political aspects of this issue, we’re optimistic he’ll also offer us some concrete steps our schools can take to bolster our national War on Christmas effort. Either way, we’re super excited to welcome Josh to the NNKC mic.

If you’re interested in attending, RSVP and find out more at the Facebook event here:

Calling All Volunteers for the 2014 Officer Elections

The time has come once again for dues-paying members to cast their vote for who shall occupy the following positions within the Kansas City Atheist Coalition:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary

Think you’ve got what it takes to fill one of these roles? Submit your nomination to us at!

As mentioned in the event description, this year’s vote will be taken at our November open board meeting on the last Tuesday of the month.

Additionally, we’re on the lookout to expand our existing board of directors. Do you enjoy philanthropy, activism, or just participating in helping to cultivate a positive secular community in Kansas City for atheists? Send your inquiry to and we’d love to talk with you!

Announcing the Oasis Network

Ever since Houston Oasis and, by association, Kansas City Oasis was featured in TIME magazine, we’ve been fielding inquiries on how to start up Oasis communities both within and outside of the United States. To help facilitate and nurture these growing communities, we are happy to announce the formation of a national support organization: the Oasis Network!

Imagine being connected to people like you. Imagine being accepted for who you are, where you are. Imagine meeting new people, learning new things, and belonging.

Stop imagining. It’s here. Oasis is here. A place for families. A place for secular people. They call us the “Nones” because we don’t fit in faith-based communities, but we are not none, we are many. And we deserve to be counted.

To find out more, visit:

Apostacon Schedule Announced

Interested in knowing when Helen will be speaking at Apostacon? The schedule has been announced today, and you can come see her speak at 3pm on Friday, September 19th, 2014.

For more information about Apostacon and to see the full schedule, go to their site here.

Help Helen Get to Apostacon

We mentioned how our director, Helen Stringer, is going to speak at Apostacon.

Well, as it turns out, you can help send her there by merely signing up for the Apostacon newsletter! Just navigate to their site at, sign up for their newsletter and buy tickets to the event using this URL:

When you’re checking out, use the code HSTR1457 to help cover the costs of travel and lodging for Helen at Apostacon! You can find out more information about this deal and a temporary price reduction on tickets here:

Director Helen Stringer Will Speak at Apostacon

Our director, Helen String, has been accepted as a workshop presenter for Apostacon, the sauciest conference you’ll ever attend!

Welcome to the sauciest freethought conference in the noodle-verse. We are tremendously excited about seeing everyone in Omaha again this year!

September 19th happens to coincide with “Talk Like a Pirate Day” again… obviously a positive sign from the Flying Spaghetti Monster Itself.

You can be sure it will be even bigger, better, and every bit as fun and unique an experience as we celebrate our 6th year!

Helen’s workshop will be titled “Herding Cats” and she will be presenting on the topic of community building and her experiences including, but not necessarily limited to, Kansas City Oasis.

Updatethe schedule has been posted, and you can see Helen speak at a 3pm workshop on Friday! You can see the full schedule here.

TIME Features KC Oasis Affiliate, Houston Oasis

TIME Magazine is doing a feature about non-faith-based communities building the in the midwest, focusing on Kansas City Oasis affiliate, Houston Oasis:

On a clear, Sunny July morning, as churchgoers all around Houston take to their pews, dozens of nonbelievers are finding seats inside a meeting room in a corporate conference center on the city’s west side to listen to a sermon about losing faith. But first there’s the weekly “community moment”–remarks on a chosen topic delivered by the group’s executive director, this time focused on how we’re hardwired to read sensationalized news–as well as announcements about an upcoming secular summer camp. In between, a musician sings softly of Albert Einstein.

The men speaking before the assembled gathering–executive director Mike Aus, who regularly leads the group, and Jerry DeWitt, a visitor who heads a similar gathering in Louisiana–are both deeply familiar with the idea of Sunday ritual.

You can read the full article if you have a TIME account here or buy a copy of the August 4, 2014 issue of TIME magazine.

Meet Helen Stringer

We’re pleased to announce the newest addition to our board of directors, Helen Stringer:

Helen came to realize she no longer held the beliefs she was trained to spread. Instead of sticking her head in the sand, she is taking her training and passion for community to the bright side. A foster parent, adoptive parent, ex-center director for a Crisis Pregnancy Center, and all-around good godless girl; Helen wants to bring together the secular families who don’t fit in the church.

She has a passion for community that is going to bring about what we think is a great and previously-unexplored aspect of the community that KCAC has been developing for more than two years now. Join us in welcoming her aboard!