Officer Elections: Coming to an Inbox Near You

We are pleased to announce our annual officer elections – with a new twist to try and make our elections more accessible for our members!

In years prior, we’ve done a mixture of dedicated events and elections during our open board meetings. Understandably, this can make it difficult for our members to participate in these elections, as most of us tend to have fairly busy lives. To try and rectify this, the Kansas City Atheist Coalition will be trying out a new online ballot system –

All members who are paid up as of Friday, October 6 will receive in the e-mail we have on record for them a link to our election ballot. The ballot will remain open for one week, at which time it will close and results will be collected.

Are you not sure if you are a paid-up member, or are you not sure if our e-mail address for you that’s on file is correct? You can contact us a or message us on our Facebook page and we’ll be glad to consult our records and make any corrections needed.

New Directors: Melissa and Michael Leytem

They’ve been on the board for a bit, but we’ve finally got their biographies posted and are able to announce the addition of two new board members to the Kansas City Atheist Coalition: Melissa Leytem and Michael Leytem! You can learn a little bit them on their biographies, or, better yet, come by at one of our events and meet them yourselves.

Joshua Stewart to Speak: “The Bible is Not a Fairy Tale”

Our director of activism, Joshua Stewart, is scheduled to appear at Kansas City Oasis in November to speak about a topic about which he feels passionate – how modern historians use processes and tools to derive historical fact from older documents such as the Bible, and why some popular myths about the Bible (and its falsity) are, themselves, false.

You can RSVP for the event on Kansas City Oasis’ Facebook event here.

Helen Stringer Steps Down as Director

Helen Stringer, who previously occupied a position as director of community for the Kansas City Atheist Coalition, has stepped down as director in order to focus more of her time on Kansas City Oasis and the Oasis Network. We’re glad for her contributions, especially in her leading development of Kansas City Oasis from a community arm of KCAC into its own standalone organization that welcomes everyone, regardless of their beliefs, into a non-religious community. We’re sad to accept her resignation and are honored to have worked alongside her during her tenure as a KCAC director. We look forward to continue collaborating with Kansas City Oasis in developing a positive, secular community in Kansas City that builds a safe and accepting space for, among others, atheists.

Video Upload: The Deity of Jesus

We were recently invited to Abundant Life Baptist Church to discuss and debate the deity of Jesus – did Jesus claim to be the Son of God (as Christians today understand the concept), and what evidence exists for or against the doctrine that Jesus was the incarnate son of God?

If you missed out on it, fear not! We’ve got you covered with a video upload of the event:

Wanted: Volunteering Ideas

Over the years, we’ve had a terrific time volunteering with the wide range of organizations that work to help those in need here in Kansas City. However, we’re always on the lookout for new organizations to donate our time to, and we want your help in discovering them! If you have any ideas, drop us a line – tweet us at @kcatheists, Facebook us, or just e-mail us at and tell us about your favorite organization that you would like to see KCAC help!

WWJTD Blog Post: “Walking Into the Lion’s Den”

Our director of community, Helen Stringer, has contributed a blog post to JT Eberhard’s blog, “What Would JT Do?”:

A couple of months ago, I was invited to speak at a Retired Clergy of All Faiths luncheon about Kansas City Oasis and the Oasis Network by my friend Ron who happens to be a retired Episcopalian priest.

I’ll admit, I was concerned that I was walking into a lion’s den. I feared that I was being set-up for apologetic warfare. To the contrary, I was treated with warmth, acceptance, and offered generous words of support.

You can read the post in full here.

Kansas City Atheists: Making 2014 a Happy Holiday Season

We just wanted to thank everyone who donated gifts and money to help buy gifts for one very lucky family that we adopted through Midwest Foster Care and Adoption Association! With your help, we raised just about $500 worth of gifts for one very lucky family in need, so thank you to everyone who donated and to everyone who would have donated if they could – your generosity and good will have made and continue to make the world a brighter place.

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