WWJTD Blog Post: “Walking Into the Lion’s Den”

Our director of community, Helen Stringer, has contributed a blog post to JT Eberhard’s blog, “What Would JT Do?”:

A couple of months ago, I was invited to speak at a Retired Clergy of All Faiths luncheon about Kansas City Oasis and the Oasis Network by my friend Ron who happens to be a retired Episcopalian priest.

I’ll admit, I was concerned that I was walking into a lion’s den. I feared that I was being set-up for apologetic warfare. To the contrary, I was treated with warmth, acceptance, and offered generous words of support.

You can read the post in full here.

KC Oasis Makes the KC Star Magazine Front Page

Kansas City Oasis has been featured on the front page of the Kansas City Star Magazine’s Sunday edition:


This assembly is called Kansas City Oasis. Members gather weekly in a way that appears churchlike, but there’s no prayer, no reference to a higher power. Most are atheists or agnostics, although people of faith aren’t excluded.

“We get to celebrate the human experience every week, so welcome,” says Helen Stringer, the group’s executive director, as the room grows quiet.

Some drawn to this Sunday gathering grew up without a religious tradition. Some felt driven from church by harsh dogma and treatment. Some were raised with religion but lost their faith, they say, to reason and science.

You can read more in the online posting of the article here:


Kansas City Atheists: Making 2014 a Happy Holiday Season

We just wanted to thank everyone who donated gifts and money to help buy gifts for one very lucky family that we adopted through Midwest Foster Care and Adoption Association! With your help, we raised just about $500 worth of gifts for one very lucky family in need, so thank you to everyone who donated and to everyone who would have donated if they could – your generosity and good will have made and continue to make the world a brighter place.

2014_mfcaa_01 2014_mfcaa_02

Guest Post by Helen: “People Are More Important Than Beliefs”

Our director of community, Helen Stringer, has a new guest post on JT Eberhard’s blog, “What Would JT Do?”:

Shouldn’t we focus more on what we have in common and allow our differences to make us richer and stronger as human beings?

Shouldn’t our culture overflow with respect and acceptance of one another, without strings attached?

That’s what Oasis means to me. Unconditional relationships not built on unity of mind and beliefs, but instead on our unity as fellow human sojourners.

You can read more at JT’s blog here.

Medical Professional Needed by Camp Quest KC

Have you heard about Camp Quest Kansas City? They’re a terrific summer camp, focusing on learning and exploration of the world around us and free of religious trappings, and they need your help!

Are you, or do you know, a registered nurse (or similar medical professional) and have a week to volunteer in the summer and licensed to practice? Camp Quest Kansas City needs you! They need someone to help serve as medical staff between the dates of July 5 through July 12. If you’re interested and available, contact Sarah Hargreaves at sarah.hargreaves@campquest.org with any questions or information you may have.

A Statement on Ferguson

The Kansas City Atheist Coalition stands by a position of equality for all people, regardless of the color of their skin, and a government that serves all people equally, again regardless of the color of their skin.

We hope we can all unite in sympathy for the pain and loss felt by Michael Brown’s family and an understanding of the underpinnings of the anger and passion behind many of the movements in action, both within and outside of Ferguson.

As stories emerge from across the country of gatherings, rallies, discussions, and plans of action on how to solve the problems that overwhelmingly affect people of color, it is easy to be caught up in the stories of those who seize the opportunity to inflict violence upon innocent bystanders. We do not condone theft and vandalism, but we must also bear in mind that, while loss of property is not to be trivialized, human life and dignity must be a higher priority in our minds. We as a society cannot ignore the multitude of factors, both historic and present, that have led so many to action nor can we let the actions of a few distract us from what is truly important.

Let us focus first on addressing and resolving these underpinnings. For some, this is an opportunity to listen to the experiences and knowledge of those who have dealt with these issues on a daily basis for the entirety of their lives; for others, it is an opportunity to rise up as leaders in a movement that would seek to end violence and discrimination against people based on the color of their skin.

The Kansas City Atheist Coalition wishes that everyone stay safe as the movement surrounding Ferguson grows, evolves, and progresses toward a goal of equal treatment and protection for all people.

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Helen Stringer Guest Post on WWJTD: “The Identity of Oasis”

KCAC’s director of community and executive director of Kansas City Oasis has published a guest post on JT Eberhard’s blog, “What Would JT Do?”, about the identity of Oasis:

My Oasis story starts over a year ago. I was tired of not having a community because I wasn’t in church, and I was ready to do something about it. My first step was to make sure no one had already invented the wheel, so I contacted multiple leaders in the secular movement, but when I got in touch with founder and executive director of Houston Oasis, Mike Aus, something sparked.

You can see the full text of the post on JT’s blog here!

Helen Stringer Interviewed as Officiant of Same-Sex Wedding


Our director of community, Helen Stringer, exercised her position as a humanist celebrant to officiate the wedding of two friends in front of the Johnson County Courthouse last evening. The event attracted the attention of local news media, such as KSHB 41 Kansas City:

The state Supreme Court put a hold on giving out marriage licenses after a Johnson County judge essentially made same-sex marriage legal in Kansas. But for these two, it’s not about the state laws. It’s about their love.

Nate Phelps to Speak in KC: “God and Gays”

Nate Phelps and the director of his upcoming documentary, Terrie Johnson, are going to appear in Kansas City as keynote speakers for a free workshop/speaking combination event:

Where can we go to hear Nate and executive producer Terrie speak at a live event? Funny you should ask because Nate and Terrie are the keynote speakers at an upcoming conference in Kansas City on October 11th. Admission is free … we hope to see you there!

Nate and Terrie will be speaking from 1 to 3 pm on Saturday, October 11, 2014 at this address:

Center for Spiritual Living
1014 West 39th Street, Kansas City, MO 64111

You can find out more about this event and Nate’s new documentary on their Facebook page here.

Announcing the Oasis Network

Ever since Houston Oasis and, by association, Kansas City Oasis was featured in TIME magazine, we’ve been fielding inquiries on how to start up Oasis communities both within and outside of the United States. To help facilitate and nurture these growing communities, we are happy to announce the formation of a national support organization: the Oasis Network!

Imagine being connected to people like you. Imagine being accepted for who you are, where you are. Imagine meeting new people, learning new things, and belonging.

Stop imagining. It’s here. Oasis is here. A place for families. A place for secular people. They call us the “Nones” because we don’t fit in faith-based communities, but we are not none, we are many. And we deserve to be counted.

To find out more, visit: