Calling All 2013 Officer Nominations

The time has come for you, our members, to decide who makes and executes the decisions around here!

Within the coming month, we’ll be holding officer elections, and it will be up to current, paid-up members to nominate and elect officers to fill available positions within the Kansas City Atheist Coalition.

Currently, we have the following positions available:

  • President (occupied by acting president Joshua Hyde)

  • Vice President (occupied by acting vice president Veronica Brown)

  • Treasurer (occupied by Daniel Boyd)

  • Secretary (occupied by Dave Brown)

If you would like to nominate someone other than the current officer for a position, please e-mail us at with a subject of “Officer Nomination”, listing the name of the person and the position you would like to see them fill and they will appear on the ballot.

Voting and nominations are limited to members who have a current, paid membership with the Kansas City Atheist Coalition. If you are not sure if your membership has lapsed or not, please contact us at to find out.

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