2017: A Year in Review

This was a highly productive and successful year for KCAC. Here are some of the highlights of which our volunteers and leadership are most proud:

  • Joshua Stewart, Director of Activism, successfully debated presuppositionalist Joshua Sommers, who took the position that without Christianity, humans cannot arrive at any level of consequential knowledge.
  • The success of our first Care Kit event to assemble supplies for the homeless in 2017 led to the Winter Care Kits event that occurred earlier this month.
  • Ask An Atheist on St. Patrick’s Day introduced us to some new friends.
  • We put on costumes and games, and handed out candy to residents of the Niles Home in Kansas City on Halloween.
  • Throughout the year, KCAC representatives attended nearly every available date to serve the homeless and working poor with The Micah Ministry.

Our volunteers have made this a wonderful year. To see some photos of our members in action in 2017, watch the video above!

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