Get Out and Vote – 2014 Edition

November’s coming up fast upon us, and there are a number of ballot measures to be passed or rejected and offices to be filled with elected officials. We all want to be good and informed voters, so, if you’re looking for information on officials and ballot measures available in your state of Kansas or Missouri, read below!




Make sure you remember to carve off time on November 4, 2014 to make your voice heard and participate in the voting process!

Helen Stringer Interviewed as Officiant of Same-Sex Wedding


Our director of community, Helen Stringer, exercised her position as a humanist celebrant to officiate the wedding of two friends in front of the Johnson County Courthouse last evening. The event attracted the attention of local news media, such as KSHB 41 Kansas City:

The state Supreme Court put a hold on giving out marriage licenses after a Johnson County judge essentially made same-sex marriage legal in Kansas. But for these two, it’s not about the state laws. It’s about their love.

Video Available: Debate: Which View Better Fits Reality?

Kansas City Atheist Coalition was invited to a panel debate on the topic of which worldview fits reality with Abundant Life Church members in Lee’s Summit. The evening included 6 panelists presenting for 5 mins each, 30 mins of Q&A among the panelists, and 60 mins of Q&A from the audience.

You can see the entire debate here: