And the new officers are…

Another year has passed and another round of elections with it.

More than a few have asked us: why do elections, especially in cases where we incumbents run uncontested?

KCAC was formed with a set of bylaws that, among other things, mandate a set of elections to give our paying members the right to dictate who is in charge of their donations and the direction of the organization. While an uncontested election may seem unnecessary, it’s dictated by our bylaws and it’s important that we adhere to our established bylaws (as the alternative is dissolving KCAC and re-forming with new bylaws, which seems like more than a lot of work).

That said, everyone loves graphs, right? We all probably want to see a breakdown of how the votes were distributed, I imagine, and here they are:





I think the biggest takeaway from this is the fact that everyone unanimously voted for Dave Brown as secretary, which really speaks to his ability to secretar.

We hope everyone has enjoyed what KCAC has done in the little more than two years it has existed, and we hope to continue creating and growing a community for everyone to enjoy!

As a bonus, here are your (previously- and) newly-elected officers in their post-electoral positions:


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