2013 Adopted Family Gift List Available

We’re here to bring you the list of the needs and wants of our adopted family for this holiday season. Last year, we tried using an Amazon gift list to try and track items that were bought, but we found that that caused a lot of confusion (for example: did the family want the specific shirt we listed on our gift list, or did they want just “a shirt” that matches that size?)

This year, then, we’re going to try something a little less automated, but hopefully easier to use: a spreadsheet. You can view it here:


Pick an item that you feel you’d like to purchase (that also hasn’t been claimed to the maximum number desired), and then simply e-mail us at contact@kcatheists.org to tell us who you’re buying for, what you’re buying, and how many. If you don’t want your name to appear on the spreadsheet we’re managing here, simply let us know and we’ll list you as “anonymous”.

We’ll be focusing our collection efforts at our Thanksgiving dinner this year, but if you can’t make that, please contact us (again, at contact@kcatheists.org) and we can work to arrange a pick-up or drop-off of the gift you’ve chosen to donate.

Thank you, and happy holidays!

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  1. My name is Dave Jordan and I’m a reporter with KCTV 5 News. I’m working on a story about the KC Rescue Mission turning away atheist volunteers. Can you contact me please? (816) 853-8981

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