The Kansas City Atheist Coalition has a goal of organizing one philanthropic activity a month, such as raising money or other donations for a good cause or volunteering with an organization we believe in. It is important to us to provide our members a with secular philanthropic outlet so they can help their fellow human beings without having to go through a religious institution to do so.

Our only criteria for donating to or volunteering with a vetted organization in good non-profit standing is that the contributions will not go toward promoting religion and that we will be able to participate as out atheists, wearing our sky-blue KCAC T-shirts.

While KCAC is committed to doing good purely for goodness’ sake, we want to wear our T-shirts because we think it is equally important to show the larger community that atheists are moral without mythology, dispelling the common misconception that atheism is an empty, meaningless existence devoid of a sense of morality.